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Scheduled Autocrosses:

March 11, Saturday......  This will be our training day.  We'll figure out what training means before then.

April 9, Sunday

May 13, Saturday before Mother's Day

June 9 Friday Morning 8:30AM, in Celebration of Vettes In The Midwest   This will be held at Crowder College Truck Driving School near Neosho, MO.  (Driving directions will be posted soon)   THIS IS AN ALL MAKE OF VEHICLE EVENT!!!!!!!  It will feature Corvettes in their own classes.

June 25, Sunday, but Rankins will be at Bloomington Gold

July 29, Saturday

August 27, Sunday

September 23 and 24, Saturday and Sunday -- Autocross, Drag Race, and Cruise to Cruise Night at Crowder College Truck Driving School!!!!!!!!.

  1. This is a special Event in honor of our fantastically Dedicated Autocross Participants that virtually never miss one of our Autocross events.  You folks are what has made our Autocross Events so awesome year in and year out.  This is a 2 Day event that will feature Autocross, but we have added a little twist!!  An 1/8th (approximately) of a mile, (one on one) drag strip.  You'll race against the clock, one car at a time and then we'll compare times for the winners.  There will be some classes.
  2. Autocross will be held on Saturday and Sunday beginning in the mornings.  Drag races will be on Sunday afternoon.  In addition, Saturday afternoon after AX, we will have a little fun cruise throughout SW Missouri and NW Arkansas.  We'll return just in time for a cruise night to be held on the grounds of the Crowder College Truck Driving School --- AND--- The 4 State Vette Club members are going to serve hamburgers and hotdogs for supper during cruise night to the participants.
  3. And to top this all off!!!!! ---  The fee for the entire weeknd is just $20.00 per 1 car which includes 1 driver.  Each additional person will only be $5.00 to eat.  Pop will also be served and included in the $20.00.  That is $20.00 for the whole weekend!!!!!!!!!!!        More details to come.  Mark your calendars............   AGAIN, Everyone is invited!!!!!  Corvettes, as well as old T-Birds, and rice rockets, and Mustangs,,, even them danged ole Mustangs that won FTD last weekend!!!!  :)
  4. This is going to be a great weekend for our 4 State Vettes Autocross folks!

October 6, Friday 11:30AM open for registration until 2PM in celebration of Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend.  This will be held at Crowder College Truck Driving School near Neosho, MO.  (Driving directions will be posted soon, roughly 40 miles from Eureka Springs)   THIS IS AN ALL MAKE OF VEHICLE EVENT!!!!!!! It will feature Corvettes in their own classes.

October 28, Saturday






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